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A twenty-year-old lover of lists. Deep in thought with a lot to say. Writing about all things, crime journalism.

You found me! Now let’s talk all things, true crime and journalism.

My name is Bethany Sarah and I have a *slight* obsession with true crime. I would not go as far to say that I ‘unwind’ to the genre but I come pretty close.

My interest in all things true crime came from the OJ Simpson trial. I was intially drawn in by a short Buzzfeed video and then an entire series hit netflix. Well, I have never known a day to pass or a repetitive strain injury arise so quickly from pressing that*next episode* button.

And from there the rest is history


My watch history is chock-a-block with the…


Last week alone I picked up my phone seven hundred and twenty seven times. It is here at the heart of my utter shock and embarrassment that I will unload the many things I did not know about social media.

My 727 pick ups equates to 83–122 pick ups per day. Whether I am reaching for a message, a news flash or, more commonly, a ‘quick’ refresh of my instagram feed; all of these supposedly ‘brief’ engagements add up and my phone never fails to remind me.

I have always tried to be conscious when it came to my usage…

Exploring multimodality through Instagram stories

Once Upon a Time…

I have always loved Instagram as a platform despite battling the perfectionist in me when it comes to the colour consistency of the tiles.

When I started this blog I decided that it was important to not only write a traditional blog but to share it in 2 other ways:

  1. Microblog via Twitter
  2. Stories via Instagram

Personally I aimed to try and keep the focus on my blog considering the bulk of the information is here on Medium however I wanted to form posts to compliment my content each week.

For Instagram specifically I designed two stories tailored to the…

We are seeing an increase in public engagement with true crime, but why is that? What makes crime so interesting?

OJ. Bundy. Nilsen.

The names of criminals I have spent countless hours learning about. When I ask myself the question ‘what makes crime newsworthy?’ a number of things come to mind.

First and foremost, I consider whether it is bad to say that one of my favourite things to watch is crime documentaries but then I am reminded of how much of it is out there…

Tv shows (Non-Fiction):

· 24 hours in police custody

· Des

· Conversations with a killer

· The People v O.J. Simpson

· White house farm

Tv shows (Fiction):

· Luther

· Criminal Minds

· Criminal

· The Fall


Let’s talk all things, microblogging.


Microblogging is the activity or practice of making short, frequent posts to a microblog.

Microblogging allows anyone with something to say to find an audience.

Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

Some of you may not know but alongside this blog I also run a Twitter account, a Facebook Page and have designed some pretty cool Instgram stories (if I do say so myself).

Journalism is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the public and to compete with the various ways we can now receive news. But journalism is not the only thing to change, journalists are also breaking the mould.

As the world of journalism advances, diversifies and broadens as does the battlefield.

A big part of being a successful journalist is all about beating your opponent to it; breaking the story before they do.

But it is no longer just the publisher down the street or one journal against another, it is you, a journalist, against anyone with a voice and a platform to share it.

Crime journalism specifically, due to its trivial entertaining nature, presents a whole new world of challenges.

YouTube is never short of crime or missing people videos recalled by the likes of Bailey Sarian

Exploring the role of crime journalism and statistics in the increment of public fear of crime.

Scelerophobia ‘scelero’ derived from Latin meaning ‘wickedness or crime’ and ‘phobos’ meaning ‘deep dread or fear’ — the fear of crime

I stumbled across this article by the Daily Mail last week and knew instantly it was something I had to explore further.

As an anxious, uptight, overthinker myself this felt incredibly personal. And although I can say I do not have a phobia of crime I do, like most I am sure, allow it to linger in my mind.

I have pulled together a short list covering 5 of the most common legal challenges journalists are facing today to ‘lay down the laws of the land’ if you will and a few tips along the way to keep you out of hot water.

When it comes to journalism, at the heart of everything you write there is the underlying value of ‘freedom of expression’.

This makes its way into every aspect of the job and sometimes provides a strong argument for the journalistic choices you make. But in many cases the freedom of expression will only carry you so far and that is what this blog post will discuss.

1. Defamation/Libel

A libellous statement is any method of signifying meaning which causes damage. For example: words, pictures or gestures etc. …

Bethany Sarah

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